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Article: Our application has been accepted: new research funds for Yogurt & Quark

Unser Antrag wurde angenommen: neue Forschungsgelder für Joghurt & Quark

Our application has been accepted: new research funds for Yogurt & Quark

Finances by the EU and the European Regional Development Fund, Pro FIT Program. This will allow us to hire more researchers and product developers and therefore, get a big step closer to the goal of a Yogurt & Quark alternative. 


The North Star is clear: Yogurt & Quark alternatives that are in no way inferior to animal ones. Better nutritional values combined with first-class taste and a texture that is confusable with the animal product - that is the goal.

Yogurt alternative made from pea protein

Superb nutritional values, slightly sour & fresh taste plus a creamy consistency... that is the exact goal. We have the chance to create a taste that convinces even every cow yogurt fan. That is because our pea protein doesn't develop the diacetyl characteristic of soy yogurt, a flavor component that is not so distinctive in cow's yogurt. This is only one of the reasons. You are already familiar with our milk alternative: it doesn't taste like peas. And therefore, you can look forward to our yogurt, too.

Quark alternative made from pea protein

A quark alternative that beats animal quark in nutritional values and also has the same characteristic texture is something we have been dreaming about for quite a while. Recently, our research and development team has made great progress here. Nutritional values & texture are now already so well adjusted. The sensory - which is the taste - is still the biggest challenge. But we are sure that we will also master this challenge.


We don't know exactly when we will be able to invite you into our lab for tastings. But until then, we will send samples from time to time. Therefore - sign up here and be part of it. It will always be free of charge and you will be the first to receive the test versions of the new products.

We are looking forward to you!

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