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Article: Who's behind vly?

Wer steht hinter vly?

Who's behind vly?

Behind vly, there is a great mission. We believe that in the future we will only consume proteins from plants. Dairy alternatives, yogurt alternatives, meat alternatives, egg alternatives and many other categories will no longer need animals as being their source. But we would like to go one step further. It shouldn't only be plant-based but also be health-promoting and delicious. Because nowadays many foods are delicious but most of them are anything but healthy. We can do things differently.

But who still believes in this vision? Who are the faces behind vly?


The three of us - Nicolas Hartmann, Niklas Katter and Moritz Braunwarth - hold the majority since the start of vly. Strictly speaking, you always have to separate companies into: (a) economic shares and (b) control. For instance, Facebook is owned by many investors while Mark Zuckerberg still has the control. In the case of vly, the founders hold the majority both economically and in terms of voting rights.


Five Season Ventures

We are the first investment of Five Season Ventures' new impact fund. Not only is Five Season Ventures a pioneer in the FoodTech scene - for instance, they have invested in Beyond Meat (USA), Just Spices (Deutschland) and This (UK) but they also analyzed over 25 dairy alternatives worldwide before choosing vly.

Global Founders Capital

They are known for speed. Global Founders Capital has already invested in some very successful startups like Personio, Slack or Canva and when they invest, it's for big, social change and for helping to shape them quickly. Global Founders Capital has the same founder as Rocket Internet but is a separately run investment company. They also believe in a future without animal products and the speed is enormously important here in competition with large food industry companies.

Good Seed Ventures

They were the first to support vly and Frank Cordesmeyer, the person behind Good Seed Ventures, is a pioneer in the field of alternative proteins. Other investments are for example Planted from Switzerland (meat alternatives made from pea protein), Yofix from Isreal (Yogurt made from chickpease) or Fineless Foods from the USA (Tuna made in the lab). They have a very strong network in the food industry and are committed to make tomorrow's food healthier, sustainable & factory farm free as well as they have helped us a lot in making the first productions go well.


Our passionate leadership team also holds shares in vly and is involved in important decisions. It's important to us that everyone involved knows that it's not a sprint but a marathon. Of course we want to be fast. After all, we want to accelerate the change from animal to plant proteins. But at the same time, we want to create a long-term goal that measures its success by its impact. This requires a strong team that works together to turn a vision into reality.

If you want to be a part of it, check out our Job Page. We are always looking for people who share our vision and want to work with us for a better world.

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