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Article: 5 tips for a conscious start in the day

5 Tipps für einen bewussten Start in den Tag

5 tips for a conscious start in the day

There is nothing like "the one" perfect start in the day. We are all different and therefore a conscious start in the day would look different for each one of us. But if you are interested in starting your day (more) conscious, you've come to the right place - we have collected a few ideas.

Why conscious at all?

Many of our processes happen on autopilot. Habits take decisions away from our brain for us to save energy. To a certain extent, this makes sense and is good for us. But because of that, we often miss the little moments that give us a moment of pause, take away some speed and give us strength - for example, in the morning when we start a new day. More mindfulness allows us to perceive the moment and can lead to greater well-being.

On the occasion of "Desire for Mindfulness" Campagne of our partner Rossmann, we have thought about the topic "consciously start the day". Instead of starting the day in autopilot, we can also start it in a much more conscious way with small rituals and thus ensure more awareness - and well-being - in everyday life.

Therefore, you don't have to be a person who likes to get up early or have a hour-long morning routine. Whether you're an early bird, a night owl or something in-between, anyone can start the day mindfully. Try out what feels good for yourself and always have an open mind to try new things. It's okay if things don't feel right for you - then just try something different.

5 tips for a conscious start in the day

Tip 1: Take a few minutes for yourself.

To start in the day more consciously, it helps to minimize stress and not to rush. If it's doable for you, get up a little earlier so you can have more time and few minutes for yourself. You can use this time to read a few pages, meditate or think about what you are grateful for today. You can start the day consciously by actively taking a few minutes for yourself.

Tip 2: Take a deep breath.

Sounds banal but how often do we really take a conscious breath and use our entire lung volume? Therefore, after getting out of bed, let fresh air in, stand at the window and enjoy the silence for a bit. Consciously breathe in and out deeply a few times. You're not only giving your body a dose of oxygen but it also has a calming effect on your brain and you'll see that waking up is going to be easier and your start in the day more grounded.

Tip 3: Make your coffee a mindfulness ritual.

If you like to drink coffee or tea in the morning, make it a conscious ritual instead of acting on autopilot. Maybe you can freshly grind the beans while smelling the coffee beans? What does the vly Barista milk foam look like when you pour it into your cup? How does your coffee/tea taste like? What notes can you detect? Little exercises like these will sharpen your perception for the little things in life.

Tip 4: Get moving.

Don't worry - we're not suggesting you run a half marathon after getting up (although you're welcome to do that if you feel like it). If you're not a fan of yoga/workouts in the morning - that's fine. But maybe there's another way to incorporate some exercise into your morning:

  • If you have to get out of the house anyway, take a little detour.
  • If you work in home office: maybe you can take a walk around the block before you sit down at your computer.
  • How about 5 minutes of stretching after getting up? Or put on your favorite song and just dance away.

Tip 5: Supply your body with nutrients.

You love breakfast? Putting together and eating a delicious, healthy breakfast can be a mindfulness exercise as well. Use fruit as sweetener and consciously prepare your favorite breakfast. Chew slowly and ask yourself the following questions: How does it taste? What consistency does it have? What other flavors can you notice?

If you're lacking inspiration for your breakfast, be sure to try out recipe for Overnight Oats.

More ideas

Of course, there are many other ways to start your day consciously. Maybe you already have your very own routine or like to alternate. Here are a few more suggestions:

  • No Screen: if it's possible, leave your phone on flight mode and don't check your mails first thing in the morning. This allows you to wake up before connecting with the outside world.
  • Journaling: write down a few things that you are grateful for or other things that are on your mind
  • Meditation: there are so many great apps like HeadSpace and Calm that also offer guided meditations

"Start the day consciously means..."

We also asked the community. The responses reflect a good image of what we've also listed here. Maybe there's an element that you would like to try for yourself?

All in all we can say: you can do any activity in a mindful way, no matter what. If you take that away from this post, you've already found a way to start your day (more) mindful.