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Impact & Sustainability


One thing is clear, the food industry has a huge impact on our climate. And anyone who hasn't slept in recent years knows just as well as we do that a plant-based diet protects the climate and protects our environment. The production of plant-based foods requires less water, less acreage and causes fewer CO₂ emissions than the production of animal products. Not to mention better working conditions than in factory farming and less animal suffering in general.

Our vision is a future in which food strengthens us instead of harming us. We give our all for this and have been developing plant-based foods since 2018 that give your body the proteins and fiber you need to feel good. And to be honest: we also need a healthy environment for this. We believe that anyone who works in the food industry must consider the consequences of climate change and make a contribution to protecting our environment.

You want to know what we contribute to it? Let's vly.

Benefits of Pea Protein


We develop all our products based on pea protein . Our superpower protein not only has health benefits , but also has a positive effect on the climate during cultivation. And now you know why:

💡 The pea belongs to the legume plant family. These are legumes that can bind nitrogen from the air. They can accumulate between 50 and several hundred kilograms in the soil per hectare and year. This saves fertilizer and thus enormous amounts of energy and emissions.

Here you can find out more about how we milk our peas... uh, how we turn peas into delicious milk and yoghurt alternatives.



So far so good. But in addition to packaging and ingredients, there is another factor that has a major impact on the climate in the food industry: transport. We produce all our products in Germany and thus keep the transport routes short . We even develop them here, namely in Berlin. That makes us your little food tech start-up next door. Small but fine, as the saying goes.

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