What is the shelf life of the products?
Unopened: about a year, it's best to have a look at the top of the packaging
Opened: 3-5 days while being refrigerated, sometimes even a little longer

Where is the product manufactured?
The product is manufactured in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany.

Which peas do you use?
We use yellow split peas. They belong to the same family as green peas which you are probably familiar with. Our peas are grown in northern France. Then we extract the protein from the peas and use it as the base of vly milk alternatives.

What are natural flavors?
The natural flavors that we use are 100% vegetable. They are extracted and round out the taste.

Why aren't you certified as organic?
There are two reasons: (1) we wanted to stay local and unfortunately there is no market here for the other components of the pea - because besides the protein fraction, there is also a starch and fiber fraction. So the higher price for the organic certification would have to be completely allocated to the protein and thus would not allow us to reach as many people, vly would have to be more expensive. Also: peas are nitrogen-fixing. That means they don't need mineral fertilizer and the difference between organic and non-organic is relatively small. (2) We add micronutrients like vitamin B12 and vitamin D to our milk alternative. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to do that under organic regulations. We hope that this will change soon and will continually explore potential organic certification if it's possible without a price increase.

Why have you fortified the milk alternatives with micronutrients?
Due to various factors - nutrient-poor soils, low nutrient density in the Western diet etc. - there are some vitamins, trace elements and minerals that are considered critical nutrients. We want to help cover these critical nutrients and thus create a staple food that will enable the way towards a healthy, plant-based diet.

Why is vly enriched with iodine?
The German Nutrition Society (DGE) cites iodine as a potentially critical nutrient in the vegan diet. It's important to understand that iodine as a whole is a critical nutrient in the German population and without the use of iodized salt, according to the National Nutrition Survey II (NVS II), well over 90% of omnivors would be equally undersupplied. It's therefore not so much a problem of the plant-based diet but rather a problem of our soils, which are poor in iodine overall. Therefore, as part of iodine prophylaxis, attempts have been made to bring more iodine into the diet of the general population via the addition of iodized salt as well as the fortification of some animal feeds. Iodized salt contains 20mcg of iodine per gram of salt and the maximum intake of salt should not exceed 5g per day. Therefore, iodized salt does not cover the daily requirement and if one is increasingly avoiding animal sources where the feed is fortified, it makes sense to fortify iodine.


When will the subscription be available?
We are working on it. The first tests took place at the end of August. In October it will finally be ready!

How does the discount code work until then?
You can apply the discount code once on a normal order for a set of 12 and a set of 24. When the subscription goes live, the code will then also work for the subscription.

No Milk Today Movement

What is it all about?
We want to inspire people to take the step from cow's milk to plant-based alternatives. Just start a day: no milk today.

How can I be part of it?
Hmm... be creative, inspire people & share it with the hashtag #nomilktoday

Where can I get vly?

In which countries is vly available? 
Supermarkets: Germany Germany, Austria Switzerland

In which supermarkets can I find vly?
Have a look at our Store Finder.

Is vly available in cafes, restaurants or co-working spaces? 
Yes, vly is available in some cafes, restaurants and co-working spaces. In the future, we plan to integrate these places into our Store Finder as well.

Are there wholesaler and B2B as well?
Yes, check out our B2B Store.

"Die Höhle der Löwen" - TV Show

How did you come to this?
We were lucky that they found our mission, our product and the topic very exciting. So where we invited, were allowed to introduce ourselves and in the end we were also selected to go into the cave. This is of course a great opportunity for vly and the mission to convince people about plant-based milk alternatives.

Why did you bring a cow into the studio?
That wasn't our decision. The TV channel wanted to have a cow in the set to raise awareness for a the change from cow's milk to plant-based drinks. This cow is a "TV" cow and used to it. That means she lives on the countryside and is trained not to be stressed by such situations. If it had been our choice, we wouldn't have used an actual cow. Besides, that's not what dairy cows look like. Dairy cows nowadays are highly bred, have huge udders, so they can give just those 25-50L of breast milk a day. We think this is absurd and that's why we want to encourage people to try vly instead of cow's milk.

More questions?

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