Everything my body needs

vly bares all pods?

You needs cow's milk because cow's milk has calcium. Cow's milk is good for your bones. Cow's milk has valuable proteins... these times are over and now bare facts shall speak.

Because vly has more calcium, more protein and less sugar than cow's milk. In addition, you cover important nutrients such as selenium and iodine which cow's milk doesn't contain.

All the people you see on posters show this impressively. They have the most diverse backgrounds and yet one thing unites them: vly gives them everything and more than cow's milk ever gave them.

Why no models?

That is no coincidence but rather a conscious decision. When planning the campaign, we made sure not to cast any models. We wanted to work with people who also consume and love the products themselves.


I am extremely proud to be part of this important mission. - Julia Mosig

Benjamin Patch

Meet Ben Patch. First openly queer Bundesliga professional. Ben is American and plays for the BR Volleys in the first Volleyball Bundesliga. He is only 26 and already owns an Olympic gold medal.

We appreciate Ben for just being wo he is - and setting and important example along the way! We are very happy about your support, Ben!

Julia Mosig

A couple of years ago Julia decided to move away from the classic fashion blogger & go in a different direction. She inspires in her very own, authentic way together with her own family and is a trained mindfulness coach. She also describes her body feeling as being completely different today.

A big THANK YOU to Julia and her husband Andre who have supported and believed in us since the beginning!

Ferdinand Beck

For several years now, Ferdinand has been educating people about a healthy plant-based diet on Instagram, YouTube and via podcast - and has been vegan for over 8 years! Of course, a good milk alternative shouldn't be missing!

The scar on his belly is the result of 5 surgeries within one year. And yet he doesn't hang his head and keeps going. We all have scars. We all have flaws. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Ferdi!

Linda Marlen Runge

Linda is an actress and musician. She is aware that cows don't just give milk - and that a lot of things go wrong in the meat and dairy industry. Linda therefore not only appeals for an awareness of the origin of the food you consume - she also campaigns for animal rights and is active as a Peta Ambassador.

Thank you for your genuine support, Linda!

Denise Schwitalle

Denise plays on "Berlin Tag & Nacht" - already since 2014. She is not only an actress but incredibly fit. Denise does intensive power training, loves her protein shakes with vly and also shows many other women that protein shakes are not only for male pumper.

The thing we appreciate most about Denise: her sincerity. She doesn't pretend for anything or anyone. thank you Denise - for being part of it!

If you see one of the posters: take a picture and share it on social media. By doing so, you'll be supporting us in our mission to accelerate the shift to plant-based milk alternatives🚀